Effectively conveying your brand essence entails so much more than just compelling visual design.  It begins with understanding your business goals, while challenging your team and ours to explore new opportunities, and aligning those insights with a measurable and efficient creative process.  Our goal is to use data-driven insights and cutting-edge creativity to amplify your brand across the mesh.

What Is The Mesh?

The mesh is an analogy of the experiential network that enables simultaneous integrated media delivery through multiple channels. This experiential network can be comprised of any combination of collaborative web applications, written communications, audiovisual mediums, visual design, print collateral, and live events.

“Meshing” can be used to describe both the intentions and activities of an information provider, as well as the activities and motivations of an information receiver. For you as a provider, encouraging your consumers to engage in multiple channels of information exchange is providing new opportunities to deliver your message. For your audience, you are enabling media consumption at the right place, at the right time, in the right manner, with previously unrivaled capabilities for cross-referencing and elaboration.

Mesh Omnimedia was founded to enable enterprises to leverage the power of the mesh for efficient, profitable business initiatives. Learn more about our strategy by contacting us today at 888-501-1102.

Our Strategy Is Clear

  • To challenge you to think beyond your existing notions of experiential information delivery
  • To leverage the mesh to engage your audience in exciting new ways
  • To deliver beyond your expectations

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