Digital Strategy

Mesh Omnimedia understands that the elements of your creative media portfolio are never “launched and forgotten”. They are designed, developed, and deployed, then monitored, measured, and managed to ensure their efficacy as the most critical part of your comprehensive marketing and communications plan. Our experience and capabilities in digital strategy ensures our clients will have a trusted partner to comb through the data, discover and develop key insights, provide clarity for cross-channel deployment, maintain proper functionality, and keep your initiatives visually stunning, highly engaging, and measurably effective.

FCi Federal

FCi Federal engaged Mesh Omnimedia to analyze their current website traffic patterns to determine which audience segments showed the most activity. This analysis informed not only the new website wireframe development, but also ongoing recruiting initiatives as well.



Ann Ford

Leesburg, Virginia psychotherapist Ann Ford engaged Mesh Omnimedia to develop a Google AdWords campaign to drive new sales leads. Through careful keyword analysis and ad copy creation, Mesh was able to increase her sales leads by 400% in just one month.



Selma Mansion

Mesh is working with the owners of historic Selma Mansion to guide new product development and maximize audience engagement. By analyzing Selma’s Facebook Insights as well as its Google Analytics, Mesh was able to find opportunities and create a host of new tactics for their marketing team.



Digital Strategy Services

Opportunity Analysis

Today’s highly competitive market demands that your brand is inspiring, relevant, and innovative. Consumers now demand a brand that not only offers services and products, but has a presence that offers a compelling message that can be identified with, and one that will ultimately create trust and convey value. The intention of an effective brand strategy management plan is to define clear objectives and goals which can be put into place to achieve success. Identifying target audiences, competitors, and determining your brand’s true purpose can help create an identity that sets you apart from your competitors. Brands that customers identify with and trust are more likely to achieve long term prosperity and recognition. By leveraging tools such as Google Analytics to inform our SWOT analysis, the team at Mesh Omnimedia will provide you with data-driven insights to better inform your strategic initiatives.

Audience Management

In order to most effectively amplify your brand, you need to gather as much information as possible about your target audiences.  In addition to innovative data analysis tools, Mesh Omnimedia has vast experience in online market research as well as time-honored techniques, such as personalized focus groups, which all play an important part in your comprehensive audience management strategy.

Technology Implementations

As the Mesh Omnimedia team helps you discover new opportunities across your target audiences, we will also provide you with new insights into modern cloud-based productivity tools. Are your back-office systems keeping pace with today’s innovative business processes, or are your legacy systems ready for a comprehensive overhaul? We can help you identify business process improvements to save you both time and money, as well as provide efficiencies to enhance your value proposition.

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