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Mesh Omnimedia Creates Augmented Reality Wine Labels For Virginia Farm Winery Notaviva Vineyards

Digital Creative Agency and Pioneering Winery Leverage Emerging Technologies To Provide Immersive Customer Experiences For Wholesale and Tasting Room Interactions

Mesh Omnimedia announced today it has delivered a series of wine labels that are enhanced with Augmented Reality technology to Notaviva Vineyards. The initiative is designed to deepen customer understanding of the winery’s unique brand proposition—pairing wine and music—by presenting an interactive experience whereby an AR app plays the corresponding music while the customer views the label. In addition, the AR technology presents a video illustrating the beautiful tasting room, as well as links to information on the wine blend, music playlists, overnight accommodations at the winery, and social media channels.

Mesh Omnimedia, which serves a global clientele from offices in Northern Virginia and Colorado Springs, provides creative solutions for a wide array of industries including craft beverage, CPG, tourism, legal technology, data centers and healthcare. CEO Shannon Mackey says, “Not only do AR labels provide an interactive experience so customers can better understand the brand, but they also provide an opportunity for our clients to create fascinating new sources of data to use for ad tech. By defining new data models to include location, interactions, timestamps, anything that is relevant to our client, we can design solutions to incorporate those metrics into other analytics initiatives. Whether a prospect is looking at a product on a remote store shelf, interacting with a display in one’s own physical location, or engaging with the purchased product, the addition of AR technology into any facet of the customer experience can provide valuable actionable intelligence for businesses. Most importantly for customers looking to leverage this technology immediately was our team’s ability to use existing label artwork as the basis for the AR elements. In other words, clients can begin using AR technologies right now with no packaging investment for products that are already on store shelves, while developing strategies for new designs incorporated into future packaging.”

“Notaviva was founded on the vision of providing customers an opportunity to heighten their enjoyment of wine by inspiring them to consider the correlation between music, their emotions and their sensory perception,” says CEO and wine composer, Stephen Mackey. “This phenomenon of pairing wine and music is based in a field of cognitive neuroscience known as crossmodal correspondence. Your sense of smell and taste are influence by your other sensory stimuli, such as sight and sound. By leveraging AR technologies, our goal is to give the customer additional sensory input—through music and visuals—into what their wine consumption experience might be like while they are considering purchasing a sealed bottle of wine. Once they have purchased the bottle, we then provide them with additional context through playlists and custom-programmed radio stations that they can then enjoy with that bottle.”

Stephen adds, “Using AR for our wine labels is just the first step in building this technology into our brand experience. We are incorporating AR technologies into our tasting room processes, using it at wine festivals, and leveraging it for our professional services such as corporate retreats, teambuilding, and private events. Not only do we hope to capture data about purchase intent and brand interactions, we also hope to build relevant data sets that can drive future production decisions. For example, if we can determine that the majority of a certain targeted demographic segment prefers a certain type of wine style, and that demographic consistently prefers pairing that style of wine with a particular genre of music, we can customize our blends prior to bottling, and then target particular events, experiences and retail outlets. Anecdotally we have seen that bold dry reds are preferred by people who like certain types of music, and semi-sweet blush wines are preferred by a different demographic with different musical tastes; this technology will help us build actionable data sets and further hone those initiatives.”

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Mesh Omnimedia, named Loudoun County, Virginia’s 2016 Best Web Design and Development firm and 2014 Loudoun Chamber Technology Small Business of the Year, is a full-service creative agency focused on web development, video production, graphic design and strategic marketing services. Mesh Omnimedia serves a global clientele from its offices in Leesburg, Virginia and Colorado Springs, Colorado where it expanded operations in July 2016. More information on Mesh Omnimedia may be found on the website at

About Notaviva Vineyards

Notaviva Vineyards and the Mackey family first garnered national attention in 2008 by being featured in the HGTV reality television hit series “Dream House.” The series followed the construction of the winery tasting room, which doubled as the family home from 2007 through 2017 and inspired Stephen’s memoir entitled, “Dream. Build. Believe.” published by Mascot Books. More information on Notaviva Vineyards’ coworking plans, AirBnB accommodations, as well as ongoing scientific research into wine and music pairing can be found on the website at and information on their memoir depicting the founding of the business can be found at

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