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Mesh Returns to the Forum for Rural Innovation

By Edward Leonard on Mar 14 2011, in the Clarke County Daily News

The meeting’s most energetic and technologically innovative lecture came from Hillsboro, Virginia vineyard operator and former AOL-executive Steve Mackey. Mackey led the audience through a mesmerizing 45-minute Facebook blitz that not only helped many in the audience understand why Facebook is an important new farm marketing tool, but also provided a step-by-step tutorial for launching their own Facebook agri-business marketing initiatives. “If you’re not on the Web telling your story” Mackey told the audience “Someone else is telling your story for you and they’re getting it wrong.”

Mesh Multimedia Creative Director Presents Seminar on Social Media to the Forum for Rural Innovation

Winchester, VA – March 11, 2011 – Stephen Mackey, Creative Director for Mesh Multimedia, a Loudoun County-based Northern Virginia creative agency, has been asked back to the Forum for Rural Innovation to present another seminar on the usage of Facebook.

Forum for Rural Innovation: New Approaches for Agriculture and Rural Prosperity
From Loudoun County — The seventh annual Forum for Rural Innovation will be held Friday, March 11, 2011, 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., at the Best Western Lee-Jackson Motor Inn & Conference Center in Winchester, Virginia. The purpose of the forum is to showcase new and exciting projects and programs that enhance farm or rural business profitability. The model programs presented at the forum also focus on conserving farmland and natural resources, and developing new approaches to rural prosperity in upscale areas where land commands premium prices.

The program features presentations from some of the most progressive and recognized agriculture businesses in the region. In addition, Richard Pirog from the world renowned Leopold Center in Ames, Iowa, will be featured as a keynote speaker on developing food systems (production, marketing, and distribution). The forum programs will emphasize farming for high-profitability by using innovative and sound business approaches particularly suited to the Mid-Atlantic region.

About Mesh Multimedia
Mesh Multimedia was founded to allow enterprises, small business and government agencies to profitably leverage the “mesh” – the experiential network that enables simultaneous integrated media delivery through multiple channels. This experiential network can be comprised of any combination of audiovisual mediums, collaborative Web applications, Internet communications, print and live events. Mesh provides our clients the ability to encourage their consumers to engage in multiple channels of information exchange, thus providing new opportunities to deliver their message. For their audiences, Mesh is enabling media consumption at the right place, at the right time, in the right manner, with previously unrivaled capabilities for cross-referencing and elaboration. More information and our portfolio is available at

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Stephen Mackey

Stephen Mackey, Creative Director

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