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Upcoming Workshop – Following Your Entrepreneurial Dream

Join us on March 30th from 10:45-12pm at Hatpin-Harrison Hall for a workshop lead by Stephen Mackey.

You had a dream. You started a business. Through sweat equity, entrepreneurial grit and years of work you actually made it happen. So what do you do when you find yourself approaching the goal line and suddenly realize that someone (maybe even you…) has moved the goal posts? Join host Stephen Mackey for an inspiring tale about the founding of the two small businesses he co-founded with his wife Shannon in 2008 at the depth of the Great Recession, their Virginia farm winery Notaviva Vineyards and their digital creative agency Mesh Omnimedia.

Follow their journey through the successes, failures and lessons learned that culminated in a radical pivot and eventual relaunch of their business as a winery, brewery, B&B and coworking facility in 2017. Heartfelt & humorous, with actionable takeaways for any business owner, this session will both educate and entertain.

WHEN: March 30 10:45-12pm
WHERE: Hatpin-Harrison Hall, 600 Millwood Drive Winchester, VA 22601


Mesh Omnimedia

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