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“Looking back over the last ten years at all of the consultants and vendors we’ve hired, Mesh Omnimedia ranks #1 in our book for value and creativity.”

- Michael Prounis
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“Woodland Park Colorado Main Street has had the recent privilege of working with Mesh Omnimedia in production of videos highlighting our community and its retail businesses. The expertise and passion Mesh Omnimedia brought to the project resulted in quality marketing videos. Stephen’s work in editing the footage brought each video down to a professionally precise and passionate message. If you get the opportunity to work with the Mesh Omnimedia team you will find the entire experience to be delightful and rewarding.”

- Darlene Jensen

“Mesh made it super easy to design an entirely new website. They knew the right questions to ask to accurately capture and portray our passions. The on-site video shoot was efficient, organized, and non-disruptive to our regular business operations.”

- Jenny Williams

“Working with Mesh was a pleasure from start to finish. They came highly recommended and did not disappoint! The quality of finished product is paramount to us as a business and they exceeded our expectations. Their staff are also responsive, patient and open to feedback, something that can be tricky when dealing with something as subjective as design and marketing content. I’d have no hesitation recommending the services of Mesh Omnimedia.”

- Patrick Bardsley
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“Mesh has been a great company with whom to work. They respond quickly, are knowledgeable and easy to work with. Our experience with them has gone well beyond our expectations!”

- Susan Scarborough

“The Mesh Media team managed to develop a logo concept both of us loved – which was no easy task! They are are an outstanding team that is responsive, adaptable, and most importantly able to do things quickly and efficiently. We look forward to working with them as we continue to grow our business.”

- Fran & Ann Fortin
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“Turning my web site development and digital marketing strategy over to Mesh has been a great relief. I trust that they are interested in my input and invested in my success. Everyone I have interacted with has been remarkably professional, attentive and responsive.”

- Ann Ford

“I have been very fortunate to work with Stephen and Shannon Mackey on a number of very successful projects. Their professionalism and dedication to every task and every project has made for a very seamless process and has led to outstanding results. In 2012, the Department of Economic Development, The Loudoun Chamber and the Loudoun IDA partnered on an event to educate the community on one of our most important business sectors, the data center industry. As part of the planning process, we decided to engage Mesh to provide a short video overview of data centers in Loudoun. Data centers are a very complex business, but through research and interviews, Stephen was able to capture the essence of what we were trying to present and created a video that far exceeded our expectations. We’ve been able to re-purpose the video in several different ways, and have been able to use it in our attraction efforts all over the world. Those who participated in the video commented on the professionalism the Mesh staff brought to the project, and were thrilled with the results. In fact, one of our business leaders was so impressed with the work that he has done his own video project with Mesh.”

- Buddy Rizer
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“We are in the process of trying to hire one of the leading legal consultants in the country. He is currently responsible for a $500 million business line. I spent the last few days with him in San Francisco. He could not have been more complimentary of the web site. Look and feel were great but he said he could immediately see the difference in the quality of our people versus our competitors. I wanted to pass along Vista’s appreciation of the hard work and the quality of the end result.”

- Craig Freeman

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